Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Why do I need to do anything with my stock motor?

You don't. The engine in its stock configuration will deliverůstock HP. If you're tired of getting passed down the straight then you might want to extract an extra 10% HP.

Will my engine still be reliable after I have it built?

Absolutely. Supersport-built engines will last a full season before needing to be serviced. In fact, many of the modifications available will extend the service life of the engine beyond the stock configuration.

Do I have to run fancy race fuel in my motor if I don't want to?

It depends. Typically, the small bore size and high RPM's of 600's and 750's allow them to run pump gas even with compression ratios over 14:1. High compression SV motors or superbike engines are a different story.

What pump gas do you recommend?

Anything that doesn't contain ethanol and is at least 93 octane. It's getting harder to find 100% gasoline; all Sunoco gasoline's contains 10% ethanol. Gasoline has a higher heating value then ethanol so it makes more power.

Do I need to take the motor out of the bike before I bring it to you?

Yes, and please drain the oil too. Also, a little cleanup on the engine keeps everyone happy.

Can I ship my motor to you directly?

Of course. I have found that is the best to work with. If you find anyone better please let me know.

What kind of oil do you recommend?

Fully Synthetic. A lot of fuel gets diluted in the oil so it's important to run fully synthetic oil that won't break down as fast as conventional oils do. It's tough to buy bad oil nowadays and everyone has a favorite brand. We recommend Mobil 1 5W30 for 600's and 750's and 10W40 for SV's, using anything thicker will just make less HP. If you change your oil EVERY race weekend there is no need to run anything thicker.

How often should I change my oil?

We recommend changing the oil after every race weekend or whenever the color starts to turn black, whichever comes first. Oil filters should be changed after the first oil change and every other change thereafter.

What do you recommend for engine break-in?

Fill the engine with oil, crank it over several times with the fuel disconnected and the throttle wide open. This will prime all of the oil passages with oil, it will probably be necessary to top off the oil again. Start the engine and heat cycle it three times by reving the engine, allowing it to cool completely between each cycle. Next either on a dyno or at the track, ride the bike for 10 -15 minutes not exceeding 70% of redline. Allow to cool completely. That's it, your ready to rock.

Who's going to build my engine?

Every engine is personally built by Jamie Hanshaw.