About Hanshaw Engines

About Hanshaw Racing Engines

Hanshaw Racing Engines is committed to building the fastest most reliable engines possible. We have over 20 years of experience and specialize in building custom engines that will meet your specific needs.

Nobody in North America has built more Triumph Daytona 675cc / 711cc / 765cc engines than Hanshaw Racing Engines. We were the Triumph factory engine builder for the AMA Pro Road Racing Daytona Sport Bike Series in 2013 and 2014 supporting Sportbike Track Time riders Jason DiSalvo and Elena Myers. Our top qualifying result during that time period was pole position in the FIM Superbike World Championship, Geico Motorcycle U.S. Round at Mazda Raceway Laguna Seca July 11th 2014. Our top race result was 1st place in the AMA GoPro Daytona Sportbike race at Mid-Ohio Sports Car Course on July 20th 2014.

We have also built motors to support the Riders Discount crew in the 2013 AMA Pro Road Racing Daytona Sport Bike Series with rider Joey Pascarella.

We have built hundreds of engines ranging from SV650's, GSXR's, Triples, Ducati superbikes, and Kawasaki drag motors. We have even supported Isle of Mann TT champion Shaun Harris!

In addition to building engines, Jamie Hanshaw is an accomplished road racer himself. He is a 3-time GLRRA National Champion and is his best AMA pro finishes are 8th and 10th, both in 1998 at Mid Ohio in the AMA Supersport races on a 600. Jamie retired from road racing competition in 2000 but continues to do trackdays and consistently records times that would put him on the podium in WERA / CCS races.

Jamie's professional life off the track has also been very successful. He currently holds ten patents, one defensive publication, and one PACE award all relating to engine hardware or closed loop control technologies. He's a highly decorated and celebrated talent within the industry.

He currently holds ten patents, one defensive publication and one PACE award in his name ...

Hanshaw Testimonials

"Jamie- I am an STT instructor and know a LOT of your satisfied customers. I am looking at purchasing a bike in pieces for assembly to a track bike. How much would you charge to provide engine inspection services so that I know I am not getting a boat anchor?"

- Tom


"Motor was outstanding as usual. You do good work and I appreciate it. I got down to a 23.1 as my personal best."

- Aaron Bagwell


"The R6 did well at Grattan last weekend. Made lots of power. Had a new personal best of 1:21.1 CW. Thanks again."

- Rick Lind


"Jamie I had you refresh my SS motor this spring. I thought I would give you a mid-season update. The motor has been flawless. I won all three of my races at Blackhawk Farms Raceway, the last race at BHF came down to a drag race with a 40lb-lighter rider and I managed to win by .3 seconds. Last weekend at Mid Ohio I never finished out of the top 3 in my class and got down to a 1:40.3 in my last race on Sunday. Thanks again!"

- Justin Maas


"Jamie - wanted to let you know that the bike rode like a TOP last Saturday at the track. I dont think I have felt a 600 build power like that and I ran some of my fastest speeds around the entire Grattan track. Thanks again for getting my motor done in a quick turn around! BTW, Scott the tuner was top notch and a really great guy! 115HP at the rear wheel but the ass dyno felt like tons more power!

- Al


"Jamie has been building my motors for the past 4 seasons. I race of couple of second gen. SV 650's. One is a supersport and the other is a nice superbike. When he was refreshing the SB a couple of months ago, he noticed the cases were worn out. He went out of his way and searched on e-bay and found a set out west. Jamie is truly a standup engine builder. This past fall I took a job transfer down in Memphis,TN. I plan on still using Jamie for all my motor needs. Give him a call, you won't regret it!"

- Allan Burley, Ex. #71


"The results speak for themselves with the motor he built for our program ..."

"Jamie's an extremely stand up guy. He goes above and beyond the normal call of duty to make sure his customer's are happy with his work. The results speak for themselves with the motor he built for our program this past year. His motors are incredibly fast, reliable and Jamie is a great guy to deal with throughout the entire process."

- Eddie Kraft, Ex. #48


Dear Jamie - Thank you again for all the work on the '06 1000 GSXR engine. Our first race to break in the new motor was at Daytona Speedway for Oktoberfest CCS races. It pulled unbelievably on the straights and was perfectly at home at 190 mph. Bear in mind the straights are 37 seconds long and the motor had endless power. In an Unlimited class race we were edged only in the last 25 feet at the finish line by a 2011 BMW. We are extremely pleased with your work and look forward to the next engine coming out of your shop.

Look forward to seeing you soon. Have a great New year.

- Paul J. Haye, CLU, ChFC, AEP


Hi Jamie- The motor you built for me is fantastic no leaks and runs strong! Attached you will find the results sheets for this past weekend - Double Regional Race/Quali Sat Race/Quali Sun. By the way a Goodyear tire engineer came by my garage and wants me to help develop tires for the F1000 championship series and the FK1 Championship series.

He scooped out your logo on the front of my car (Hanshaw Racing Engines). I explained that you are my engine builder, so I hope this brings you business, both championship series' run 1000 Motorcycle engines.

Thanks again! Great Job!

- Nicho


From what I have heard from others and from the limited amount of time I have spent talking to you, I trust you. If you say I want it...then lets make it happen. I will have you a check in the mail next week.

- Chris Broome


Dear Jamie - Just wanted to say thank you for an awesome rebuild on my '06 R6. This thing is a beast. The power you gave it makes it untouchable with the other 600's I ride with. I had it on the track for a track day at Mid-Ohio and as I exited the keyhole for the long straight I noticed two RC51s behind me...well that's where they stayed. At Grattan, I got by other 600's with ease and chasing and passing them like they were mild-tuned 600's. The guy that dynoed my bike is well known in the high performance bike scene, and said this is the highest horsepower 600 he's dynoed. It runs on pump fuel. Jamie, you will be my sole builder for this engine as I have had other so-called "builders" try to set it up and could not come close to the beast I ride now. Just at idle it sounds strong and tough, and on the pipe it's wicked.

- Marc Bittner